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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Out of the Box Link Building Techniques for 2015-2016

Many Search Engine Optimizers and SEO communities on Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms are having a same question, What can be the other ways to build backlinks that will be different from the running methodology by submitting Classifieds,, Articles, Guest Posts, Forums etc. etc....!

After a deep research form many top online marketeers and SEOs by asking them what they think can be a great out of the box link building technique or idea that can help in the rankings of a website, i have putted down some most effective search engine optimization techniques that can help you a lot in your the competitive niche and can be a lot more fun with a lot more potential value.
Lets Get Started Then Folks......!!!!

List of Some Out of the Box Link Building Techniques for 2015:

  • Single Page Serving Sites

You must be building a bunch of Web 2.0s for your website in order to get more backlinks from the sites like (domain-name.blogger.com or domain-name.wordpress.com etc. etc.) and for that, the type content you share is actually related to your targeted site. Now, think wisely, are those web 2.0 able in getting traffic or visitors to you main domain???? 

Well…..I don’t think so…!! :P
But, this Out of Box Link Building technique is pretty much the same concept but a lot more fun, and with a lot more potential value. Single purpose, usually to entertain visitors for a short while. If you have really interesting idea, they are likely to go viral because people will link to them in order to make their friends laugh, or just to show how stupid it is; people like silly little things RIGHT!!!!!  

  • Link Trade With Colleagues

If you are getting a little hint inside your mind regarding this heading…then I am sure you must be thinking..HOW CAN HE EVEN SAY THAT??? But!! read this first and you’ll see what I’m advising! Actually, this is a thing when done right, then only the link exchange can be a powerful tool. Let me tell you the secret insight for that now…

It includes the key to connect with other experts who are having the same target market for the products or services you are selling — YOUR NATURAL REFERRAL PARTNER! Now Look…If their product, program or service would help your audience, and it is relevant to what you do, then linking to their site and them linking to yours may be a great fit — and a great opportunity for exposure to a new audience. 
For Example: A link trade between a copywriter and a web designer or a Smartphone selling website to a  website selling its further accessories like covers, cases etc.   

  • Ask for Or Contribute to Collaborative Blog Posts

Now this is something interesting to look for, this out of box link building technique is dramatically coming in the trend and is quickly growing among the bloggers as well “THE COLLABORATIVE BLOG POSTS”.
This blog post can be created by the site owner or by a blogger itself (better to create it by yourself), who then sends the invitation call for contributors to provide input on a specific topic. By using this approach, you can call other bloggers and related topic experts to share their best tips (let them to come along with their website URLs).

Thereafter, all the tips and links are complied into one larger blog post, and the post (with a link to your website included) is published and promoted by all contributors with lots of user engagement as well.
KEY NOTE:- I used above “better to create it by yourself”. Because, if the post is
written from your side then you can add a “Do-Follow Link” in that and a
No-Follow Link” for other contributors. This is a simple thing to understand while practicing this out of box linking strategy– Play Smart!!!!
  • Link Reclamation
¢It’s a very quick and easy way to help websites with search engine optimization efforts. Using re-directs 301s can store only some link value, but a link reclamation which is a popular out the box link building technique can retail the full value of your links. You can use tools like (Open site Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Raven etc!! etc!!) to check broken links and reclaim them.

After finding the links to reclaim, the task comes for finding the best website in terms of Relevancy (niched base or not), PA/Das, Content Quality of the website and other inbound and outbound links. This is very important part to check the value of site in order to get full link benefit (Link Quality Analysis)
In an overall, when we start link building campaign for a new project, link reclamation is a quick way to help with the SEO effort.
  • Offer Time Saver Desktop and Mobile Applications for Free 
¢Time is a very crucial and the whole  subset of the online community obsessional over saving time and trying to become a more productive powerhouse for themselves. You can use this mindset of people to gain more and more backlinks to your targeted site….HOW???  Think!Think! Take your time… Ok…let me tell you!! Its like a saying that, "If you don’t have time to go outside and experience the nature! No Problem, feel the wind from a fan then!!!!"????

Look, people are hungry for those applications and software's that saves time and offering those for free on your website can lead to generate more backlinks from the users itself or by any blogger who is posting an article regarding the working of that software. Basically it attracts links like Bees to Honey.But, this out of the box link building technique has its own back gears as per your service area and its totally up to you, that how relevantly you can use this technique into your targeted market. You just have to keep at it, and over time, the rewards will come automatically.

  • Finally, Be A Cool Kid and Think Creative

Here are some Cool, Funny, and actually some very interesting out of the box link building ideas that we can use to gain Backlinks.
1. Write about, and link to, companies with "in the news" pages. They link back to stories and blog posts which cover their developments. This is obviously easiest if you have a news section or blog. Do a Google search for [your industry + "in the news"] I am sure you will find something to write upon.
2. Answer questions on Google groups, Yahoo answers and other popular Q/A sites by providing links to the relevant resources.
3. Comment on other blogs, though they are not of much direct search engine value but if your comments are useful and insightful they can drive traffic not only this, it can make other bloggers to become aware of you and may be they start linking to it.
4. Search for the industry pages that have been no longer updated, reach out them by informing that you have a great piece of content that can add a value to their audience and get a link. Remember, the only way to get a link to your site is; by making their site better.
Last but not the least…How can we forget to get a link from Wikipedia, the most authoritative site on the planet,than can drive traffic to your site. And, on the top of that it will help you to earn even more backlinks as people use Wikipedia as a point of reference and one of my favorite place where i just love to give references… :D


abhishek nigam said...

very nice info...@Anubhav...
I hope in future you will share such type of knowledge....

Anubhav Garg said...

Thanks @Abhishek Nigaam for such a lovely comment and yaa sure i will try my best to share this type of information on this blog. Thanks once again

Daniels Scott said...

Link Building is essential if you want to rank better in the SERPs. But sometimes, even though you are trying to build good links on your website, it is not enough as there are some factors that affect the quality of your links. Anyhow, regarding the tips you mentioned here, they are good to implement in one's link building campaign.

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